Sport Bilsteins on '91 200TQ

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Oct 8 14:15:40 EDT 2001

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Jagernauth, Stephen, BMSLS wrote:

> I'm replacing the stock inserts/shocks with Bilstein Sports.
> I have the special strut removal tool to remove the large internal
> hex nut but the Bilsteins come with a different locking nut and
> special wrench.   Before I embark on this, anyone installed
> Bilsteins on the car w/o strut removal by using the wrench
> between the springs?  The front UFO brake pad replacement
> was a success this weekend.   Stock Jurids are the way to go
> due to the special clips on the back of the pad.

I had SRS in Mass do my suspension(bilsteins, h&r springs, nice combo) and
they didn't mention any difficulties...I also didn't notice any wrench in
the packaging.  Of course, the are a shop with a LOT of VW and Audi
suspension experience, so if they probably already had all necessary tools
and experience.  Great shop, if you're in the area.  They regularly do PCA
autocrosses and one of their guys does the Mt. Washington hillclimb...we
keep bumping into each other.  They're very flexible; I picked up one of
their guys at the shop, drove the car to the local commuter line station,
and someone met me at the end of the day and drove me back to the shop in
the car.  It was a very, um, interesting drive.  Let's just say each
install comes with a free demo :-)

> p.s. is there still a 20V list anywhere for the 200TQ?

Chris Miller and I admin that sublist, which was moved off my system due
to hardware problems...I think that was about a year ago.


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