Seems like bad turbo. Need help!

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at
Mon Oct 8 14:21:15 EDT 2001

Yes, I am talking about impeller.  Vanes have some wear on edges.  Most worn place is
from  shaft to midlength. So, there is not contact with housing.  Phil Payne suggested
it is a nut (from shaft, if I remember correctly).  I think if it happened it happened
before me because I did not find any object inside and I guess I could've hear some
noise from it.
I am trying to find why the car attain boot too slow and I feel lack of power compare to
my second car. That car has K-24 but the difference in response on stepping on gas is so
big  that I don't believe it is


> From: ed armstrong <edshred2000 at>
> Subject: Re: Seems like bad turbo. Need help!
> To: quattro at
> I can also confirm that my K-26 only "spins" for about
> 1 sec too so that may be OK. When you refer to 'vanes'
> are you talking about the impeller ? The impeller
> should not come into contact with the housing. A
> little play on the cold side is normal.
>  -ed
> --- Konstantin Bogach <kbogach at> wrote:
> > I looking into K-26 outlet and I think that
> > something is not right:
> > edges of vanes are worn like after rough file and
> > when I spin shaft it
> > come to stop very quickly (about 1sec) compare to
> > K-24 in another car I
> > have which spins about 3-4 sec before it stops.  I
> > am not sure it
> > happens just because K-26 is bigger.   What might be
> > a reason for that?
> > I don't know exactly how turbo is built inside. I
> > have Bentley but I did
> >
> > not see it shows turbo internals.  What is usual
> > cause when  turbo needs
> >
> > to be rebuilt?
> >
> > Thank you.
> >
> > Konstantin Bogach.
> > 200tq '89 (K-26)
> > 200tqa '89 (K-24)
> >

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