5ktq R.I.P.

Brendan coolian at mediaone.net
Thu Oct 11 05:49:35 EDT 2001

Sigh, Nikita, we only knew you for less than a year.

My mom was stopped in her 5ktq for highway construction, and someone didn't 
see the stoppage, hitting her in the trunk going almost 50 mph.

She is hurting in the back area and knees, but nothing is broken. The car, 
on the other hand, is completely totalled, leaving almost nothing untouched 
in the rear. The front would seem to be fine, and even back to the 
backseat, everything seems to be ok.

This leads me to believe that she's going to need a new 5ktq and SOON. 
She's getting on in age, and needs winter transportation, and quattro has 
become absolutely necessary for her winter travels (the turbo doesn't hurt 
either). So, I'm taking offers local to New England. Since, I'll be 
choosing the car, paying for it, taking care of it, etc. etc. please direct 
all communication to me.

We need something that can be driven right away, or with very little work. 
Please, no "It's a good car, but needs wheels, a radiator, some rear 
shocks...." entries.

I've already posted my needs to the audifans.com/marketplace and looked 
through the ads, but I'm sure there are some others around that didn't make 
it to the marketplace.

Please drop me a line if you have something to offer or know someone who 


By the way, I'll probably have to part out this thing eventually, after I 
get the "new" car squared away. If you want to mail me, I'll keep your name 
around for parts.

Brendan Barry
Boston, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 quattro - "Suzanne"
* Red\Leather/Bitchy *
--Now using an NF-code Smurf engine--

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