stock shift light?

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Thu Oct 11 12:35:22 EDT 2001

Did your gas milage improve?

Phil Payne wrote:

>>yes, it's an upshift light.  there is a relay type thing that controls
>>it, based mostly on info from a little vacuum switch installed in the
>>advance hose to the distributor, and disabled by the 5th gear switch
>>(and maybe reverse too?) on the tranny.  typically.
> When I bought the old Passat from our treasurer I did the usual check,
> including a MityVac on all those lines.  Nuttin'.
> So I checked around.  One line was chafed through - replaced it, still
> nuttin'.  Diagnosed the vacuum advance unit on the distributor - replaced
> it for not much more (in VW terms) than $0.02; and voila - good vacuum and
> proper advance.
> Also suddenly had an upshift light.  I bought the car with 112k miles on
> it - John had had it since 8k miles and therefore driven a total of 104k
> miles.  Called him about something else and mentioned it.
> "What upshift light?  Car's never had an upshift light."
> I suspect he'd driven over 100k miles with no vacuum advance.  He sold the
> car to me in part because of its high fuel consumption.
> Duh?
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