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At 12:17 PM -0700 10/12/01, Motor Sport Visions Photography wrote:
>In a message dated 10/12/2001 Brett Dikeman writes:
><< Got a chance to look over a 2002 A4. <snip> In the engine
>compartment, not much of note. >>
>At the QCUSA National event at Watkins Glen Rod Bymaster and Derek Bell
>showed up in a nice blue European pre-production 2002 A4 (which for
>$10.00 a lucky few of us enjoys laps at the limit with Mr. Bell driving
>it). That car had a 3.0L all alluminum Cosworth engine. Was that not in
>the US model you saw? That engine sounded sweet! (And, is very much of
>note since it is such a departure from previous A4 power plants.)

No, we looked over a 1.8T tiptronic..sorry I forgot to mention that. 
It was, however, that nice blue :-)

Brett Dikeman
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