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I talked to him at the wild west last month, He was doing really well,
Driving Subies but you can't blame him for that. I heard that he crashed
and DNF at the Prescott rally, though I also heard they should have been
racing dune buggies on it, because it was so rough...


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>Anyone have a recent email for Ramana?

Lagemann?  Boy, there's someone who hasn't been around on the list 
for a while...but he is certainly getting around on the rallying 
scene...several of the last rallies that I watched on Speedvision, he 
was in and did quite decently.

I think he pretty much dropped off the radar after his friend flipped 
his Coupe, which was a real shame...that car was in fantastic shape, 
he put a lot of time+effort into it.  An Audi fan at heart...he 
caravanned up to Mt. Washington with us one year.  Seems to be into 
Subes, probably because Audis' not supporting race teams and Sube is. 
Can't blame him.


Brett Dikeman
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