Type 44 window frame adjustment

Gerard gerard at poboxes.com
Mon Oct 15 10:19:05 EDT 2001

This might be off the topic and I can't give suggestions on how to
repair the gap on your rear door, but I have something similar on the
left front door (passenger door over here). Before the car came off the
road some 2 years ago I had a break-in where the front passenger window
was bust. I took the car in to have the glass replaced and they stripped
the entire door including the frame. They put it all back, but only that
night did I discover I could barely open and close the door because it
was horribly aligned. I spent 4 hours the next day trying to line up the
outer frame and got it to the point where it shut properly. At one point
I managed to get myself trapped inside the car. :) Oops.

Anyway, the doors open difficult (I assume that's related to the door
handles) and I have wind noise from the passenger door. How do I go
adjusting the window frames to sort this out? What measurements should I
do? I see in the Bentley that it says the front leading edge is probably
not sealed properly.

Also, I have always had problems closing some of the doors. They have to
be slammed hard sometimes or they seem to be popped out by the rubber
sealing strips. Would this be a misalignment on the locks/latches? The
front driver's door handle is stuffed, but I have 2 more post-89 door
handles for that will go on. It is also a effort to lift the handles to
open the doors.

Any ideas on how to get my doors to open and shut as smooth as they
should? Getting into an S4 last Thursday just showed how bad it is on my
200. :(

Sorry for going off the point on this e-mail.


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