HELP my radiator broke :( :( :(

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at
Mon Oct 15 15:31:01 EDT 2001

Well after doing the parts research, and getting availabilty of this repair
kit, I called my dad and asked him if he had done the repair.  He said yes,
many times.  He said the important thing to do was to remove all the
chipping and flaking plastic to give the insert a good strong foundation for
the epoxy to bond to.  I'm gonna give this a shot for now as 30$ sounds a
hell of a lot better than 150 or so, plus I dont want to deal with pulling
the rad right now, id rather wait till spring if I have to.

Thanks for the responses


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Even the dealer-supplied radiator neck repair reportedly doesn't last too 
long.  Best-sounding "repair" I've read about here is epoxied-in copper 
tube.  There's a common size of hard copper pipe that just slides inside 
the neck ID that gives you something solid to hoseclamp the rubber hose 
to.  Don't remember whether they used some kind of plastic putty or a 
fiberglass wrap to help hold the copper in place.   Write-up should 
be  available through a google search.

At 09:14 AM 10/15/2001 -0400, Beatty, Robert wrote:

>Yep... it did... all I did was touch it i swear!
>Just did a search through the archives and see that repairing the neck is
>quite a common thing, or was.  Anyone done this?  Found how long the repair
>lasts?  Any suggestions on particular types of epoxy to use?  In short any
>tips that will keep me from spending lots of $$$ to replace the radiator
>86 5ktq (broke rad)
>89 200tqa (no charging alt)
>94 Hyndai Excel (most reliable car we own im sad to say :( )

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