Possible Vibration Sources

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at msn.com
Mon Oct 15 15:39:46 EDT 2001

Rebroadcast, didn't seem to go through before...

>     Well I spent an hour plus under the car today poking around every
> plus driveshaft and such.  I started at the rear and found that the rear
> diff mounts are getting soft, especially the rear most one, easily levered
> up and  down, mushy even.  The side mounts are alright, but not super
> by any means.  The driveshaft is steel, not carbon fiber.  It moves wicked
> smoothly and the cv's don't seem to have any play in them.  I held the
> shaft and twisted the driveshaft to check for play and found none, the
> move in and out smoothly.  The boots look ok, but it's hard to tell since
> they are tucked in the input flanges.  I couldn't really get at the center
> bearing, but I noticed no crunchiness while hand spinning the shaft, it
> moves like butta.
>     I then moved up front and checked the tranny mounts, found those to be
> ok, a little soft.  The passenger's side output shaft is leaking enough to
> leave fresh fluid on the heatshield for the cv, lots of gunk around there.
> I think it's time to have that fluid checked, soon.  I found a coolant
> and oil leak underneath, the coolant leak was the lower sensor on the
> radiator, it was loose.  The oil leak is on the oilpan extension next to
> filter, not much to solve that one.  I noticed the oil pan is sitting
> exceedingly close to the subframe.  I hopped up and rocked the engine, I
> make it hit the subframe by bouncing on the front of the engine or even
> rocking it side to side.  I have a feeling I have found one possible
> of the vibration.
>     I also found the exhaust donuts to be very stretched out, exhaust can
> winged around pretty badly.  I figure I'll buy some new donuts and see if
> that kills the vibration.  I also found the heatshield surrounding the
> downpipe was loose, it just sort of floats on the downpipe?  I twisted it
> until I felt it was jammed around the pipe and wouldn't move around, if I
> had a welding rig I would have tacked it into place.  My distributor still
> rattles, it isn't the chain up front for sure, my extension to ear
> stethoscope says distributor for sure, or camshaft gear is worn out, but
> can't figure how that would happen since it rides against a plastic gear.
> Comments welcome!
> Thanks!
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