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I have been referencing the 3.6V8 swap, you are bringing out the big boy V8's here, there isn't much comparison, these are$4-6K+ motors, with eons of development past the I5.  The 3.6 is comprable in price to an I5 swap, now these newer engines you are talking about use variable intake, variable timing, and very advanced versions of Motronic to acccomplish their output, no comparison.

Granted, I have put a lot of time and a reasonable amount of money into 80tq, not a ton though, I could never afford to drop $6K on a 4.2 V8, sure, $500 here and there I can do, but not a chunk like that, I have not spent anywhere near that on my car.  If you have the money to use a 300hp V8 in a swap, and are able to engineer mounts that will safley support the engine, go for it, it would be a great project.


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>     Well according to SJM's site here we go:
> '92 V8 4.2
> 276HP @ 5800 RPM, 295 lb-ft @ 4000RPM
> '98 A8 4.2 ABZ
> 299HP @ 6000 RPM, 290 lb-ft @ 3000RPM
> MC
> 162bhp @ 5500 RPM, 177 ft-lb @ 3000RPM
> What does a chipped MC make, not around 300bhp?  Then we are talking what
> does an EFI'd MC do, doubt there is data on that one.
> I think both engines have their merits.  I personally would like to find a
> used ABZ, give it some more months or a year and those might get a little
> more abundant and cheaper, in my dreams.  The variable tract intact is
> what's needed it seems.  Will an MC really do 300bhp without lots of lag?
> Add the cost of full EFI upgrade, large intercooler (plus mods to cram it
> into the car somehow), bigger turbo, upgraded EM, and so on.
> How much moola has been spent on the 80tq to get it where it is now?  In the
> end it might be that the costs even out a bit.  Stretching 300bhp out of an
> MC safely and consistently vs. buying the V8 which has all that power there
> already, safely stock, certainly not as tunable, no doubt there.  A little
> port and polish, exhaust, cams ($$$$), and that's about it, but with an ABZ
> in there that will already be eating transmissions stock.  It's already gobs
> of power stock vs. spending lots to drag power out of the MC.  Trade off,
> I'd rather have it be all engine vs. all turbo, EM, intercooler, and so
> on...
> Opinions though!
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