The Old Girl can dance

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Mon Oct 15 20:42:43 EDT 2001

Sure, and I'll get my super Miata, the Lotus Elan S2. Guess both would
cost about the same.... (wasn't there some cheap Panoz or something that
I STILL can't afford...?)


On Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:10:45 -0400 David Head <v8q at> writes:
>A Caterham Super Seven...
>Kent McLean wrote:
>> Larry Leung wrote:
>> >Glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps you'll seek more Auto-X's next year.
>> ><snip>
>> >If you really like the sport, you may wish to seek out something a 
>bit faster
>> Yeah, that's the problem. Just as I was accepting my 200TQ, I'm
>> starting to think a V8 for the highway and ... lots of choices to
>> autocross. A Miata would be a blast. But so would a Bugeye
>> (Frogeye to you Brits) Sprite. With a Quattro for the winter, I'd
>> definitely go with a ragtop for the summer and autocrossing. Of
>> course, I'd also like a motorcycle, and a garage, and a ...
>> Who's my Sugar Daddy?
>> Kent
>> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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