Power windows, 1986 5KCSTQ

MHLIGGINS at aol.com MHLIGGINS at aol.com
Tue Oct 16 03:51:46 EDT 2001

    My son's car had the passenger side window broken out to allow access to 
the dash so the CD/radio could be stolen.
    In the process of making repairs he managed to short out some wires from 
the window regulator. After everything was back in place the windows could 
not be controlled by the switches. There is a high-pitched while when a 
switch is depressed. We replaced the yellow relay under the dash with a known 
good one, well two known good ones. No help.
    The ABS light has been on for as long as he has owned the car. He has 
noticed that when he presses a window switch, the ABS light goes out.

    Any words of wisdom about where to look for a resolution of this?


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