Identifying sodium filled valves?

Joseph Rae quattro at
Tue Oct 16 01:56:03 EDT 2001

I know that the MC does have them, I requested them back from the
machinist when I dropped my head off last Friday. I figure we can have
some fun disposing of them :)


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Nope.  I'm pretty sure the MC did.  I believe, but i'm not certain, that
all Audi turbos have sodium-filled valves, and none of the NA engines

In fact, I know the MC did.  The 5k Bently tells you how to dispose of
them properly(it's not exactly a chuck-in-the-can item, given sodium's
ah, volitile, nature.  Your garbage man might be one mighty big surprise
if his compactor cracked open one of those puppies.)


On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Arun Rao wrote:

> Didn't think they had them until the 3B ..
> -Arun
> On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Michael Gough wrote:
> > Hey guys,
> > On the MC engines (or all Audi turbos for that matter), are there 
> > any identifying marks on the exhaust valves that identify them as 
> > sodium filled? Thanks everyone Mike
> >
> >
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