MC vs. 20vt-weaker bottom end.

Mihnea Cotet mihnea_cotet at
Tue Oct 16 15:03:21 EDT 2001

Phil Payne wrote:

>check out the bearing shells

Hi Phil!

Tried to check the bearing shells on the online Mahle catalog but they only 
list the NG/NF engine codes and nothing about the 20v's NA nor T...this 
Alternately, in ETKA, I've noted the next things:
027 198 401A Rod set KV NG NM 3B ABY |
035 198 401C Rod set KV NG NM |        these 2 seem to change with L to M 
year model change
054 198 401  Rod set 7A

034 198 491A crank bearing kit KV NG NM 7A
034 198 491C same for 3B/ ABY

but in the 91 model year Coupe quattro, the following crank is listed for 
the KV NG 7A 3B ABY engine codes 034 105 101S...pretty weird, as these would 
not be supposed to share the same crank....
Maybe the difference in the crank bearings b/w NA and T engines would be the 
material and its strength.....

What do you know about this? I suppose you didn't ask me to check the  
bearings shells for nothing? :)

Regards and hope you'll shed some light on this,


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