bucking bronco

jos1 at cornell.edu jos1 at cornell.edu
Tue Oct 16 13:40:20 EDT 2001

Just had an interesting experience, and wonder if any of you
knowledgeable folk can shed light on what happened?

Took my '88 90Q on a run to an appointment -- car ran fine.
	Parked 45 minutes. 
Drove car to post office -- car ran fine.
	Parked 5 minutes.
After post office, car started easily, idled well. Pull away from curb
and start to climb hill, and engine misses badly under load, backfires
like the 4th of July. I abort trip to office and nursed it home, popped
hood -- nothing loose I can see.  Spent maybe 15 minutes with hood
open.  Figured "what the heck, try it again" -- and the car runs fine

What the heck could this have been?? Gremlins?

Oh well, maybe someone else has had a similar experience and knows?


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