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Wed Oct 17 00:10:06 EDT 2001

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> Different stars, aussie flag, and New Zealand flag (closer to home)
> the Southern Cross, where Subaru logo is the Pleiades:
> > The Pleiades also carry the name "Seven Sisters"; according to Greek
> > mythology, seven daughters and their parents. Their Japanese name is
> > "Subaru", which was taken to christen the car of same name.

I stand corrected, I'd been working on the 6 stars.
Although I must admit that I thought that the Japanese name for M45 was
'Shichifukujiun' (spell?) - means seven gods or some such.
I don't think that many people would buy a Shichifukujiun Impreza would



Jim Haseltine
Don't ask me how I remember 'Shichifukujiun' - its a long story of little
interest to anyone...

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