window fog spring.

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Wed Oct 17 04:24:53 EDT 2001

At 10:10 PM -0500 10/16/01, Festively Jolly wrote:
>hey list!  ok i have read about the  fresh air spring in the 5000 and
>200 i think. but never heard anything about it for a 1988 Audi 90. well
>that's what i own and the symptoms are EXACTLY like the ones for the
>broken fresh air spring.  so the question is... are the springs the same
>for the 5000 and the 90?  could i just get the same replacement spring
>they make for those cars?

You can use to look up PN's and view exploded 
diagrams of various systems.  Make SURE when using it to pay 
attention to engine codes and such.  I once came very close to giving 
someone an MC part number instead of a 3B part number because I 
didn't pay close attention to the comment field.

hope this helps,
Brett Dikeman
brett at cloud9.[nospam]net

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