Replacing Flywheel

Derek Leep quattro at
Wed Oct 17 15:48:43 EDT 2001

> Got an interesting problem.  Well, not me, but a guy on iATN.  89 5KQ,
> Replaced the trans, pulled the flywheel for resurfacing w/o marking it.
> start.  He needs to know how to line up the flywheel so the pin is in the
> right location.  I don't see it in the Bentley, and have never had that
> problem myself.  Anybody?  TIA, John

John,  (47kb)
It's a 5ktq flywheel, with engine at TDC, and no transmission in the way.

-Derek L.
'85 4ksq  '86 4ktq  '87 GTi 16v

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