OK, tire time.....(NAC)

Russ Maki rinard at execpc.com
Thu Oct 18 11:56:32 EDT 2001

Hi Burl,

Actually, I've found OE tires on most new cars I've driven to be marginal in
performance. Not that I buy a lot of new cars... anyway,  the Dunlops were
not OE on the Mazda (I believe the second-generation D60  is/was OE on the

  My experience with the first-generation D60s was that they were a bit
noisy but grippy in all weather. The second-gen tires on the Merc slipped
and hydroplaned in the rain -- I didn't venture out of the driveway once it
snowed. The sidewalls were mushy. Oh, and they didn't hold up, although that
might have something to do with my driving style. ;-)

Lessee, was there anything I liked about the "new" D60s?...No.

Yeah, 70 series sux, but the car does most of its miles on the freeway, and
the firmer sidewalls on the Turanza Revos make them bearable. I'd like to go
to plus one but I won't if I can't do it with MBz wheels. I've gotta go
boneyard shopping...

Russ Maki
'87 4000csq
Ixonia, Wis

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> Hi Russ
> OE tires are almost always tuned specifically for the car they come
> on.  The D60A2 you got on the Mazda were probably quite a bit
> different in construction than the replacement ones you put on the
> Mercedes.
> OE tires specs are always higher than the specs for the replacement
> market, also the OE tire can be "tuned" to meet whatever criteria the
> auto manufacturer wants, be it longevity, low-rolling resistance,
> built in conicity, whatever.
> Also, 70 series = yuck
> Burl Vibert
> 1987 5kcstq
> Kingston, Ontario

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