Audi/VW moonlighting?

dawson-md dawson-md at
Sat Oct 20 01:27:07 EDT 2001

Yeah, your right, it was one and a half VW diesel engines, or was it one and
a fifth Audi engines? Also there were a lot of VW diesel engines used in
sailboats as auxiliary power, converted to marine specs and marketed under
the "Pathfinder" name. Then there is two 16 valve VW s = Audi V8 and 3/4 V8
= V6 and 1 bank of a V8 (or one 16V VW) + one cyl. = 20V I5 etc. etc.
Modular engine design means lower design and production costs which, after
looking at the sticker for a new Audi, one wonders if it was passed on to
the consumer.
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