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Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Sun Oct 21 21:21:56 EDT 2001

> Maybe you haven't updated it recently but I found:
> http://www.isham-research.com/quattro/terminals.html
> particularly useful when diagnosing a bad combi-switch on my 90q for
> non-working headlights.

It hasn't been updated as regards content.  Even as we speak, it's being
rewritten into TABLE form so I can define target addresses in other pages -
I want to come to it from the relay page, that I (in its turn) want to
address from the relay finder table per model year.

See http://www.isham-research.com/quattro/wiring/index.html and click on
1989.  Select the Component Locator and pick a relay or controller - then
click on the Jnnn name.  I eventualy plan this for every model year - 1989
is just a test vehicle.  Anyone wants to volunteer ...

The DIN 72552 page you mentioned is apparently very useful for BMW
motorcycle mechanics - I've had several emails, most referring to the
starter relays.

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