Tranny Install from Hell

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Oct 22 04:36:27 EDT 2001

>  I managed to
> get the edge of the bell housing to within a half-inch (all the way around) of
> the engine block... but no further.  I still have some "wiggle-room" on the
> left/right axis...and a tiny bit of play on the up/down axis..nothing is being
> stressed.  The problem is that I can't get the ##@@@!!****&& transmission "all
> the way in".

> Does anyone know any "tricks" for persuading the transmission to mate with the
> block? Heeeeeeeeeellllllppppppppp. TIA

We (I mean I...) fought long and hard with Megan's '87 4kq tranny. 
Similar problem/frustration.  That last 1/2".

You might want to consider a little engine rotation, just in case the
clutch splines are off from the tranny shaft.

I wound up carefully deciding that at 1/2" the shaft was in, and with
the bell housing to engine distances all around as an alignment check,
that the two heavy chunks of metal were straight relative to each
other... and gently, using several bolts, pulled them together a few
turns at a time.  it was not easy, but it worked then and still goes
down the road.

PS, I don't know how much that tranny jack is helping, but it has to be
easier than the "muscles & floor jack" method!  and I have small
muscles, too.  Done this twice (90Q as well, easier though) and have yet
to have to catch the tranny with my chest!

I think some of those shaft/clutch interfaces are just "nice and tight"
and take a little persuading.

good luck!

Huw Powell

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