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Mon Oct 22 22:11:08 EDT 2001

Hey Audifans my '86 4kq is about to send me over the edge.  I have been 
trying to track down a CIS-E problem for some time now.  The problem is that 
there is no mA reading at the differential pressure regulator.  I have been 
using my Bentley to complete the systematic and electrical checks, but have 
come to the end of the road.  I thought my new control unit from Force 5 
would do the trick, but I guess that was wishful thinking.  This is what I 
have completed so far.  If you guy's have any suggestions please give me a 
shout. Thanks.
1.  Fuel pump psi, diff. psi, and volume good.
2.  Voltage at control unit and no wiring breaks to diff psi reg.
3.  Good ground of temp sensor to cold start valve.  All other grounds 
4.  Elec connections to thermo switch at control unit 2.63K ohms.
5.  Substituted known good control unit.
6.  Unplugged thermo switch, turned ignition on, and lifted sensor plate- 
still no mA.  
7.  Completed the rest of elec check and found these values a little off:  
     a) Potentiometer reading 2.38K ohms (Specs. above 3.5K ohms)
     b) Full throttle switch acuated 7.0K ohms (Spec. 0 ohms)
     c) Idle switch at idle 1.8K ohms ( Spec. 0 ohms)        
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