10v block, 20v head?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 23 18:38:56 EDT 2001

I currently have a 7A motor that I was going to build up...to minimize 
downtime I was going to build another motor and do the swap when I was done. 
  Of course I missed the 7A that JUST went on eBay for $255.  My question:

Will a 7a head bolt to an NG or NF block?  Those are both the same 
bore/stroke and I'm hoping that they have the same kind of relationship that 
VW 8v and 16v motors do - they are pretty much the same except the head.  
The reason I ask: 10v blocks are way easier to find and are also way 

I suppose a logical question that would follow the above question would be:  
IF and ONLY IF the NG/NF block and 7A head are compatible, do any of you 
have a spare block lying around that you would be willing to part with?  
Pistons, rods, crank are all trivial I don't really care if they're in or 
out. Or whatever they are all getting replaced anyway so I guess I'd prefer 
them gone.  Let me know what you'd take for the block.


1990 CQ 191K

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