VW/Audi tool source?

Robert Bauer rbauer at mediaone.net
Wed Oct 24 01:50:11 EDT 2001

Check out http://www.baumtools.com/english/index.cfm  Not sure if the tool
they have listed is for the '89 100 but call and find out.


Robert Bauer
93 90q

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Was wondering if anyone on the list could direct me to where I could
purchase the Audi tool required to remove the fuel pump on an '89 Audi
100. I believe the VW/Audi Tool # is 3087.  This would be the
specialized tool used to spin off the top access port on the the fuel
tank to gain access to the pump inside.    Also, "ballpark" what the
tool might run. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


'90 V8
'89 100
'87 5KTQ-CS
'86 5K-CS

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