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Ken Keith auditude at
Wed Oct 24 16:51:51 EDT 2001

The Fuchs may be the same offset as the original '87 5ksq stockers, but he's 
running 200 BBS wheels.  I checked, and it lists '89-91 
200 wheels as being 45mm, as well as '91 200 wheels as 35mm.  So it depends on 
which 200 BBS he has.  I would imagine he'd have even more fitment problems if 
he was running 35mm, so maybe they're 45mm.  I believe he's checking the wheel 
for ET markings.

I didn't realize there were 45mm BBS mesh available for my car.  Interesting 
option, if they show up cheap somewhere.


Dave Aukerman aukdav at wrote:

Sort of.  The Fuchs will be fine.  I am running them on a 200tqw w/H&R
springs, which are a bit lower than the Eibachs.  The sidewall of your tire
will bulge less on the Fuchs due to the wider rim.  This is good.  However,
the Fuchs are the same offset as the stockers.  There is word on the street
that some of the Fuchs are 42mm offset, but mine (all five of them) are the
standard 45mm.


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> Hi Ron,
> I'll give a shot at an answer.  The Fuchs will be just fine.  Your 200
> BBS' are a lower offset than the Fuchs, which are 45mm.  They will
> sit in further.  I belive the Fuchs fit beautifully, based on lurking and
> reading only.  Congrats on finding a set.  Those and the Eibachs
> make your 5kcstq a rare breed.
> Of course, ymmw on the Fuch fitment, but if it doesn't work out, I'll
> buy 'em off you! :-)  Actually, if you choose to put the Fuchs on and
> raise it up, I'd buy the springs too! :-D
> Ken
> > question about Fuchs
> >
> > Ron Wainwright  ron_01056 at wrote:
> >
> >   Hello list,  I just bought a set of Fuchs for my 87 5ksq I was so
> > excited to get them and for the price I just could'nt saie no
> >  got them from the local Audi tech but I have one
> > question like I saied I was so excited that I just got them no
> > questions asked but now I have a concern and that is,
> >   I have a set of Audi BBS mesh rims on there now and
> > Ron
> > 87 5ksq(original owner)220K euros,2c bbs,eibach
> > prokit,boge turbogas allround,strut brace, big brakes

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