3 for the price of one...& interesting 4kq

Megan Bigelow mkbigelo at zoo.uvm.edu
Wed Oct 24 20:41:20 EDT 2001


Found this ad in the local rag, maybe someone can benefit from it?
Sounds like a sweet deal for that turbo conversion you've been
planning...  : )

"5000CS 1987, Turbo, auto; 5000CS 1986 5 spd; 5000S 1986 5 spd. All 3
vehicles complete and to be sold for parts. Asking $400, for all 3. Call
802-644-1201 days."

I also saw a red 4kq in the Marsh Austin Tupper parking lot today. Red,
MD plates, 4 bright yellow calipers, 15" wheels, Sport Q script
interior, broken odometer...lister?


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