K26 in '87 5ktq? and ECU

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Wed Oct 24 20:05:40 EDT 2001

Nope. MC2's all had K24s and higher compression in an effort to reduce
lag. As per a recent thread (started by me) if you have an MC2 and MAC14,
QLCC won't work. 


On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:07:37 -0400 "Beatty, Robert" <BeattyR at ummhc.org>
>I think you might have your K #'s messed up.  The K26 is the OEM turbo 
>the 86-90 type 44 or 5000/200.  The K24 was the OEM turbo for the 91 
>and for the urS4.  The K26 breathes better at high speeds and 
>therefore you
>will have a higher top speed with it.  The K24 has a faster spool up 
>so you
>will have less turbo lag.  I believe you can just put one in place of 
>other with no problems as far as water and oil connections go.  
>As far as the ECU goes you can do the zener no problem.  Or you can 
>Benn Swann as he is offering QLCC chips for the ECU's at a very nice 
>86 5ktq
>89 200tqa
>94 Excel
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>Subject: K26 in '87 5ktq? and ECU 
>I was at the local yard the other day where I had found an '87 
>5ktq...checked out the turbo and it was a K26! This was not stock on 
>'87's was it? How can I check to see if it is worth taking? It will 
>only be 
>$30. Also, someone has cut the oil and water lines off of it...will 
>lines on my K24 bolt right on?
>Oh yeah, would it be feasible to take the ECU off that car and do the 
>and resistor mods to it? That way I don't screw up my stock one. Just 
>'86 5ktq
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