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Larry C Leung l.leung at
Wed Oct 24 20:16:09 EDT 2001

Anyone know why 5KCSQ's seem to consistantly have more rear clearance
than 200Q's? There is now way (suspension set dead center of stock, H &
R's) that I could fit anymore than the 205/55-16s I have back there
without flaring or way more negative camber. 


On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 15:27:49 -0400 "Nate Stuart" <newt at>
>Just as a point of reference, my ex, now brother's 5ktq is lowered, 
>Fuch's and is running 225/50's all 'round and as far as I can tell has 
>rubbing issues at all. The tires are Summitomo's, can't recall the 
>model. I used to run Summitomom 225/50-15's in the HTR-50H style when 
>I had
>the car.
>'89 90tq (wishing I had gone with the 215's... 205 looks odd on 7.5" 
>> The 15x7 Fuchs wheels are, as I assume you're aware, optional O.E.
>> wheels for your car. I have the Fuchs on my car, which is not 
>> and it is very tight in the rear--but I have not had rubbing 
>> with any tires I have used (I run stock size, 205/60/15).
>> The key question is what size tires are you running? One ex-local 
>> (who now lives back East and I think lurks here still) had a 
>> lowered pearl 5ktq with Fuchs wheels and I think he had something 
>> 215/50 or 55 tires, looked great, handled good, and didn't rub IIRC 
>> out there for comment Gross????).
>> HTH
>> Mike Veglia
>> Motor Sport Visions Photography

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