Once pristine 90Q has been rear-ended.......good body shops in Boulder, CO?

Joel Lenorovitz jlenorovitz at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 20:41:38 EDT 2001

Well my heretofore accident-free '95 90Q has finally met with the cruel hand of fate
and been rear-ended.  I'd estimate the speed at between 5 and 10 mph.  I don't
notice any driveability problems and all of the doors open and close properly.  The
trunk is another story.  It won't close because the bumber/latch have been pushed in
a good inch and it, itself, is slightly deformed as well.  The trunk lid and bumper
ought to be easily replaceable, but the worst of the damage probably is a large
bulge in the right rear quarter panel by the fuel filler door.  That seems like a
piece of steel that's pretty well integrated into the body and not just something
that can be replaced.  What can be done there?  And better yet, who can do it?

Any recommendations for good body shops in the Boulder, CO area would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks,


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