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Wed Oct 24 23:45:39 EDT 2001

I have an '83 Coupe GT. When I purchased it it had an aftyermarket CD player installed. Someone hos now helped themselves to the CD Player and rear deck speakers. My problems is that between the theives and the PO I have a mass of cut wires in the radio pocket. I am atempting to install a factory radio from an '84 4KS. I have managed to locate 2 power wires,  the ground wire and all of the speaker wires. After connecting the speakers, power and ground the radio will not come on. If I connect the second poower wire to the antenna connection the radio functions but the lights are on all of the time. The connections on the radio are +, -, light, antenna, blank space and NF strum. Please help me sort out this wiring nightmare as the Bentley has reall,y n ot been of much use in this instance.
Gary Meier
83 Coupe GT, 84 4KS, 88 5KSQ
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