(Fwd) trick to removing 5kcstq downpipe from turbo?

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Wed Oct 24 23:44:57 EDT 2001

Hello all,

I found an old post regarding removing the downpipe on an ur-q, 
and was wondering if it was similar to a 5kcstq.  In particular, just 
the part about the series of extensions to be used to remove the 

Here's the passage, from Phil Payne:

"Now the fun starts.  I use a FACOM J.17 17mm 3/8" drive socket 
on a variety of extensions adapted up to 1/2" and a FACOM S.154 
1/2" long handled ratchet to shift the downpipe -> turbo nuts.  They 
can be real sods.  The first time I did this it took me over three 
hours - I can now almost guarantee less than fifteen minutes.  
Getting to the nut nearest the engine is a matter of the right 
extension length - a large variety to choose from helps."

Here's the post addy:


It doesn't look terribly difficult, it's just that I would like to know the 
best plan of attack.  It's a bit crowded in the area, and I'd rather use 
a trie-and-true method rather than taking the potentially longer 
route that I may come up with.



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As the subject line asks, is there a trick to removing the downpipe 
from the turbo on a 5kcstq?  

I'm trying do the clutch on my 5kcstq, and I've got the downpipe 
disconnected from the wastegate, and most other stuff removed.

It's so tight in the area, and I'm not sure what makes the best 
sense to remove to get room to work in there.  It seems like if the 
airbox wasn't there it'd be easier.  The head shield protecting the 
engine mount is in the way of the bottom bolts.

After the downpipe, I think I have the shifter linkage and the diff lock 
hoses, as well as the cursed slave cylinder, to remove.

I read some posts about a roll pin punch.  Does anyone happen to 
know the correct size for the roll pin holding the slave cylinder in 
place?  I have time to buy the tool if need be.  But my main 
obstacle is the downpipe currently.



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