The Law of Sod and Team Doorhandle

Phil Payne quattro at
Thu Oct 25 15:50:38 EDT 2001

Why is it that the first day I need to move in darkness the headlight switch

Dipped beam fails - main beam works.  So drop the headlight adjusters as if
the car were fully loaded and drive to the subway on th emains.  Marvel at
German logic - the Hamburg 'subway' is built on stilts (the company is
called the 'Hochbahn') yet the line is still the U1.

Rip out the steering wheel and switch cluster in seconds in the car park,
pack the switches into the bag, and head into town.

Once in my (temporary) German office - strip the switches and enjoy the
bewonderment of all the Germans - "Where did you learn to do that?"

The answer they expect is some Fachhochschule or other.  They're not
expecting "the car park of the Red Fox at Tarporley".

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