new audi commercial

Martin Suryadarma msuryadarma at
Thu Oct 25 10:35:19 EDT 2001

The ad begins with the guy hanging up on the phone after saying "ok
understood, cash only". so it makes us think he's about to pay ransom to
the shady character...instead he just happen to be standing there and the
main character was paying pizza (cash only).

I agree with Brett...5/10.

I've seen another new Audi A4 ad, this one a woman driving on the highway
and there's a cop car following her. She was scared because she thought he
was gonna stop her or something. But then the cop drove past her and she
breathed a sigh of relief...but then the cop slowed down again to get a
second look at the car while thinking "nice car".

Another 5/10....

I like the German A4 ad better which promotes the multitronic...


On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Whoa, hello.  New Audi commercial.  Guy's driving down spooky city 
> alleyway/streets, getting looks from shady characters, etc. Gets out 
> of the 2002 A4, comes back, pops pizza on the front seat.  "With an 
> Audi, every trip is exciting..."
> Hmm.  I'm voting for 5 out of 10; I think they could have done a lot 
> better for such a big redesign...Anyone?
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