new audi commercial

Martin Suryadarma msuryadarma at
Thu Oct 25 15:11:08 EDT 2001

There's a new Dodge Durango ad that's like that...but the Durago is also
towing a camper as big as an 18-wheeler, and the guy has his whole family
inside the car. The Porsches are Boxsters though....

Lame as hell, if you ask me...


On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Beatty, Robert wrote:

> my absolute favorite of all time.. is the Izuzu ad with a 911 (i think or
> some variant of a very fast car) driving on the Autobahn with 2 guys in it.
> One looks in the rear view and sees headlights appear.  He says with some
> concern in his voice "Its him!".  The other guy replies "Floor it!"  The
> driver responds with "It is!".  A few seconds pass and then Joe Izuzu passes
> them on the left in a little econobox car and gives them a wave, a little
> beep beep, and the famous sarcastic smile of his.
> thats my best of all time :)
> Rob

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