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Tom Nas tnas at
Thu Oct 25 22:23:29 EDT 2001

Douglas Frank <frank at> wrote:

>I swear, the best thing that people *remember* is humor.  It may not sell
>anything (but how would you know?), but if mindshare is your goal, humor ought
>to be the vehicle.  Who among us (except the too young) doesn't remember the
>old Beetle ads?  "ugly is only skin deep"... "lemon"... etc.

Yup, those were great (before my time, but I've got the definitive 
collection in the book 'Remember those great Volkswagen ads?', nice because 
it combines my profession and my hobby). Lots of other nice ads, including 
the one of the snow plough driver driving to work.

I also agree that the German commercial for the Multitronic is great (the 
advertsing world agrees- it's been awarded first prize in an annual 
contest). For those who haven't seen it: guy in Elvis-look-a-like clothes 
driving an old US car, rock 'n' roll on the radio. There's an Elvis puppet 
on the dash that wiggles its hips in tune to the car changing gear- the 
conventional autobox. The car breaks down, the guy gets a ride from a 
pretty girl in a new A4. She has the Multitronic 'box, stereo once more 
blaring rock 'n' roll and the Elvis puppet standing absolutely still...

The puppets were sold through Audi AG, 15000 were made and they were all 
sold quickly, the commercial was a huge success and the Elvis puppet is now 
a cult figure.

Regards, Tom

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