Bridegestone RE 730

ccohen5 ccohen5 at
Thu Oct 25 16:00:01 EDT 2001

It is hard to evaluate your experience (and others that post their tire
loves and likes) without the tread wear index number.  All passenger tires
are made in different compounds and sold with different indices in different
parts of the world.  Sometimes these also differ in country.

Derek Bell told us the Nationals that the Toyo tires he uses on the
Speedvision A4 are inferior to the road tires with which he was
demonstrating the new A4.  I recall that he cited his Toyo tires with an
index in the high 200s, 260 or something while the Dunlops on the 02-A4 were
in the mid 100s.

His point was that very hard compounds to extend life, reduce adhesion and
offset the A4s natural traction advantage.

In this context I guess we could show you B 730s that would slide as if they
were on ice!


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