Need used/discarded shocks for type 44

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Thu Oct 25 16:53:05 EDT 2001


I was going to order some Bilsteins, and replace marginal if not still good
stock struts.

So, now I am concerned about your experience.  Is this an anaomoly?  makes
me think twice before shelling out over $400 for Bilsteins.  Were these the
HD(Heavy duty).

Should I consider going with the Koni's?  

Anyway, if patience prevails, well my old ones ould be available.  I was
going to actually do both wagons, eventually.


[Greetings once again Audifans:

The Bilstein front struts that I installed last December are already toast.
I'd like to install some junker OEM struts while the Bilsteins are being
exchanged.  Anyone have an old set of front struts they could spare for a
month or so.  Happy to pay reasonable price plus shipping.  

Thanks again,
Alexandria, VA
'86 5TQ]

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