re. a chip is a chip is a chip?

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Thu Oct 25 18:39:18 EDT 2001

Ok - think of it as - a copy of some code is made to a fujitsu floppy disk,
and a copy of the same code was made to a maxell floppy disk.  They are
basically the same as long as there are no errors on the disk.

That analogy follow for several of the code mods for a EEPROM "chip" and is

But the Zener/resistor mod is not a chip, but an analog modification.  That
is not a chip, and some of the so called "chipped"  ECUs are not really, if
you follow my drift.


[anyone have thoughts or better on wether one companies chipset for the 
5000tq may be better than anothers? or do they all do the same thing / have 
the same parts?

for example - tap vs IA vs lehman vs sjm, etc etc....


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