trick to removing 5kcstq downpipe from turbo?

Ken Keith auditude at
Thu Oct 25 16:49:50 EDT 2001

hehe, actually my liner's been off for a while.  I forget why, I think to 
mess with (glue back together, actually) the decel valve or something.  I 
actually had the liner pushed up there not secured by screws, and was 
driving when I ran it over.  I picked it up, and just haven't put it back in 

Gee, what was it that I was trying to fix when I broke that decel valve 
again?  I forget.  Strange.


frankbauer at wrote:
> At 08:24 PM 10/24/01 -0700, auditude at wrote:
> >As the subject line asks, is there a trick to removing the downpipe
> >from the turbo on a 5kcstq? 
> besides the tricks others have mentioned, it helps to remove the right side
> inner fender liner and wheel to get a good view and access to the area...
> frank

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