I got your "cryo" treatment right here...

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Oct 25 22:39:39 EDT 2001

It's called a $2 styrofoam beer cooler, a liter or so of liquid 
nitrogen from your local welder's supply/medical gas supply place, 
and rental of a dewar(and for the safe side, a cryo glove; frozen 
body parts aren't fun.)

Total should be well under $50, and you could treat enough rotors to 
sink a battleship(just gotta be careful with the LN!)  Plus you have 
to factor in endless entertainment from frozen shattering bananas, 
freezing cans of shaving cream, unwrapping and tossing in someone's 
car, etc.

But seriously...what exactly -is- it that these cryo-treatment 
companies do that's so special?  From what I can tell, they just 
"slowly" cool whatever it is, then "slowly" warm it up again.  One 
could probably get the same results by stacking rotors a few inches 
above some liquid nitrogen in a insulated container, and letting it 
sit; it'll take a while for them to cool down, and then it'll take a 
while for them to warm up again...

I liked the website of the PA company that said "WE DO NOT DO BODIES" 
with a big red circle+line through the picture of a body :-)


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