85 CGT bogging in first.

Bob mx at snet.net
Thu Oct 25 22:53:17 EDT 2001

Yeah, but if it were stuck shut you would never get above 1400... it would cut out
dramatically. Id start with cap/rotor/wires etc (simple stuff).. and also check
MAF plate for sticking.
my .02


Huw Powell wrote:

> check your idle switch, it may be sticking shut.  A long shot, because
> you'd still be able to get to about 1400 rpm with it closed, and I don't
> think the WOT switch over-rides it anyway.  But you have to start
> somewhere...
> Jeremiah Curry wrote:
> >
> > Howdy all,
> >
> > I need help diagnosing a strange problem.  My coupe recently started bogging
> > really bad in first when launching if I floor or nearly floor it then
> > everything seems fine.  Everything is also fine at any other speed and even
> > launching in second gear.  To add to my confusion it doesn't always happen.
> > Sometimes it is fine and other times I can barely get going.  When it
> > doesn't work it won't work at every light and when it works it works at
> > every light.  It may be a coincidence, but this started happening after I
> > got the car stuck in sand down in moab (I know a lowered CGT is not a four
> > wheeling machine, but it's all I have)
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> > Jeremiah Curry
> > '85 Coupe GT
> > '85 Honda vf700f interceptor.
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