how much would it cost?

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Oct 26 03:13:12 EDT 2001

>   what was the
> outcome on boosting k-jetronic????  is'nt the fuel regulator designed
> to compensate for low boost presures???

Look, I don't want to pose as a turbo guru by any means, but the type 43
5kt used exactly the same FI setup as my coupe.  Got a magnificent 130
hp out of that ole 2144, too.  With oil squirters, sodium valves, etc. 
I think the 2.3 NF/NG does it better with less stuff though.  How far
that K-J system will go is another matter - did people used to "up the
boost" on those early 5kt's?  and have them survive?

Huw Powell

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