[LAC] H4 vs H4/H1 questions

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Fri Oct 26 10:40:01 EDT 2001

BenediktRochow at oaktech.com wrote:

>There is not a whole lot of room, which would likely require
>extra effort to move dual lights closer together than they
>were on whatever car I take the mounting brackets from.
>So, I wonder, as I don't tend to use high beams a whole lot -
>mostly as a signalling device, rarely as a main beam for more than
>5 seconds, until the next oncoming car shows up - do I really need
>the second unit with an H1 high-beam filament?
>Many European cars have only the H4 low/high beam, e.g.
>typ44 100, for Audi content. Based on that, can I consider that setup
>enough? (If it's good enough for Audi, ...)

If the H4 units are decent, no problem. High beam on my single-bulb 80 is 
fine for doing 100mph on a dark and winding country road... the twin-bulb 
90 is even better, though.

If you do want twin-bulb round, go for BMW DE lights from an E30 3-series. 
Excellent lights.

Regards, Tom

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