back for more - advice on downpipe nuts/bolts on the 5kT

Ameer Antar ameer at
Fri Oct 26 07:10:15 EDT 2001

well, i haven't been doing anyhting w/ audi's for a while, but I have 
chance now to get back into it. So I'm trying to pull the engine. 
Everything has been pretty easy so far, but I knew I would hit a wall when 
it came time to do the exhaust nuts/bolts. The ones between the turbo and 
downpipe are real rusty [flaky...] and one of the nuts looks like it's 
shouldered, but the other ones aren't...prolly just that worn down. I think 
you get the picture

so what's the trick with all those nasty bolts? It's also really tough b/c 
there's not much space behind the nuts to allow for tall sockets. I might 
have to rely on a combi. wrench b/c of the space, esp. on the nuts close to 
the block. What have you guys found out when getting these bolts out? Any 
special tools? Do I need to go from top or bottom? Should I take out the 
air cleaner/fuel dist to clear up space? Thanks a lot for any tips.



'84 5kT 

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