trans cooler for engine oil? Force 5 auto-great dealer!!

Fri Oct 26 09:48:43 EDT 2001

..... Relating to that, Chris Semple at Force 5 auto in New Hampshire has been a great contact. Very helpful with my plight and has proven to be a reliable and honest dealer. Definately five stars. *snip*

I ordered a head for my Audi from him, great price for the head but he charged me more than DOUBLE what he quoted me over the phone for the machine work. when I call asking about it his reply was that they did not do the work themselves, that price was what the shop charged him. of course my response was that you should find out the actual price before quoting something. I could have had the work done locally for a lot less. also when I ordered the head I asked for speaker grilles for my VW and he said he had those too, never sent them. at least he did not bill me for them. 
on the upside he does seem like a nice guy and did apologize for the misunderstanding, of course I was still out the $$ I guess I  would order from him again, just no machine work.

Mike Guidotti
87 5KTQ
88 VW GTI 16v

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