"all season" tires

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"From my own experience, all the hype about winter and summer tires, is just

So, you've tried winter specific tires and found them to be no better than


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Subject: "all season" tires
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On my Porsche 928, I ran Dunlop SP4000, which were "Z" rated, "all season"
tires.  They were VERY successful tires in that they provided the 928 with
the traction and control needed in the few times that I had the car in the
snow, and otherwise were excellent.

They wore extremely well:  20,000 miles on the rear, and nearly 30,000 on
the front.  Those sizes were 225/50/16 and 245/45/16 front and rear.

Best of all, they were the LEAST expensive "Z" rated all season tires
available at the time.

The chief reason that I bought mine (two sets), were that they were very
quiet, at least the ratings were so, compared with other tires of the type
and size.

I had a set of Yokohama AVS-S4's on my Audi Quattro Avant, and would not buy
another set of Yokohamas for anything ever again.  They were loud and
although rated appropriately for the car ("V") rated, their handling on that
car wet, dry, snow or anywhere in between, was merely fair.  Worst of all,
compared with other tires that I have had on Quattro wagons, they virtually
"melted" under use.

I live in coastal Maine.  We have the entire mix of weather, from minus 30
degrees to plus 100, and we have cool, wet weather and roads that will make
ultra-high performance tires rock hard as late as April 15,a nd as early as
October first, so the "All Season" tires are perfect.

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