[LAC] H4 vs H4/H1 questions

Zsolt zed123 at telusplanet.net
Fri Oct 26 08:39:13 EDT 2001

In my type 44 the dual Euro lights kick the but of my Porshce 911's 
single Eurolight system.

The lens on the Audi is excellent. Very sharp cut off line, and I can 
spot deer in the woods miles away when the high beam is on. :)

All I am running is standard 55/60 bulbs, but I have 4 individual 
relays, one for  each headlight, so I could use higher wattage. Wouldn't 
  the higher heat destroy the reflective coating though?


Tom Nas wrote:

> BenediktRochow at oaktech.com wrote:
>> There is not a whole lot of room, which would likely require
>> extra effort to move dual lights closer together than they
>> were on whatever car I take the mounting brackets from.
>> So, I wonder, as I don't tend to use high beams a whole lot -
>> mostly as a signalling device, rarely as a main beam for more than
>> 5 seconds, until the next oncoming car shows up - do I really need
>> the second unit with an H1 high-beam filament?
>> Many European cars have only the H4 low/high beam, e.g.
>> typ44 100, for Audi content. Based on that, can I consider that setup
>> enough? (If it's good enough for Audi, ...)
> If the H4 units are decent, no problem. High beam on my single-bulb 80 
> is fine for doing 100mph on a dark and winding country road... the 
> twin-bulb 90 is even better, though.
> If you do want twin-bulb round, go for BMW DE lights from an E30 
> 3-series. Excellent lights.
> Regards, Tom

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