5000 turbo q parts bonanza! - 1986 5ktq

Brendan coolian at mediaone.net
Fri Oct 26 16:44:04 EDT 2001

Car is in Raymond, NH.

Red, nice paint. Turbo works beautifully.

         Car got rear-ended after a ton of work that I had put into getting 
my mom into something nice for winter. Sucks. But her pain and suffering is 
your gain. This car is *nearly* perfect from the beginning of the trunk 
forward. The whole trunk is smushed, but the bumper is ok. Go figure.

         Car used to be owned by two listers and was meticulously taken 
care of. All the little annoyances are fixed.

         Parts list to follow, but I wouldn't mind getting rid of this car 
whole (800/bo). This thing has an amazing array of parts on it, and there's 
a ton of new work in it. I am not setting these prices, as they were passed 
on to me by the owner, but I can certainly talk with her about offers, 
including the whole car. Everything is negotiable.

new front & rear brakes (including rebuilt rear calipers)
all soft brake lines replaced
rebuilt bomb
hydraulic hoses
hydraulic reservoir
Extra new rear rotor included
Extra instrument cluster included
door skins are from wagon w/extra speakers
tires are less than 6 months old
NO rust
drivers door has been completely re-wired and repaired
a/c is functional and FULLY charged
haven't tried sunroof

Engine is sweet and clean, with no leaks or tapping. Interior is awesome 
(tan) with driver's seat heater not working. Car could be rebuilt, as there 
is no intrusion into passenger cabin, but rear windshield shattered due to 
sudden pressure change of dodge ram hitting car. I am just not in the mood 
to have yet another project.

Engine (300)
Interior - thinking seats, but anything extra, just drop me a line (350)
2 instrument clusters (75)
Suspension w/2 extra rear "track" arms (200)
brakes - calipers, rotors & pads if desired (200)
radiator - newish - w/core & hoses if desired (75)
hood (100)

Parts spoken for:
Door handles

Please email me with some offers.
Title is available. Everything is cool. I really want to get rid of this 
thing within 2-3 weeks, as it is not in the most stable place in the world. 
Local people are MUCH preferred, as shipping will be a serious trial for me.

New Hampshire parts people are welcome, as car is located only a few miles 
from the Almighty Huw. Drop in, bring him some bubble-bath...

Brendan Barry
Boston, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 quattro - "Suzanne"
* Red\Leather/Bitchy *
--Now using an NF-code Smurf engine--

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