for cryo'in' out loud! :-) [was: I got your "cryo" treatment right here...]

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Oct 26 21:55:12 EDT 2001

At 5:06 PM -0700 10/26/01, Ken Keith wrote:

>Not to mention musical instruments

Yup.  There was, according to a close friend, an intense debate on 
the Klarinet(I think that's how they spell their name) list a while 
back.  Cryogenically treating clarinet reeds that I guess is more 
popular(and I imagine people feel a little safer doing just that :-), 
but the info I found said, basically, "hell, people swear on soaking 
their reeds in just about everything from water to vodka, why not add 
another to the list."

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin	(PGP Public Key)

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